What is Vision Builders?

Vision Builders is a charge to the people of True North to invest in the expansion of the mission to introduce and disciple by financing the future initiatives and projects of True North Church.

Who is a Vision Builder?

Every person that calls True North Church home can become a Vision Builder simply through investing financially above their tithe into the future expansion of True North. The tithe pays for the church where it is right now, but a gift towards Vision Builders helps to fund where the church is going. We know that on the road to reaching tens of thousands of people with the good news of Jesus, we will need many people to come together and sacrificially give towards to support that growth. Whether you can give a lot or a little is not important, there is no minimum (or maximum) gift. What matters is that each follower of Christ is willing to sacrifice in order to see God's plan come to pass.

How is Vision Builders different from Outreach?

Outreach is all about what we do as a church family supporting ministries around the globe as well as our communities right here in New Jersey. We consider these ministries outreach as they are outside of True North Church. Vision Builders on the other hand, is all about expanding this church we call home and our own initiatives.